About Jeff

I’m an experienced information technology professional with a diverse IT background. I have both technical and project management skills. In the past I’ve worked for two large companies in Columbus, Georgia, Aflac and Total Systems. Before moving to Georgia I had a long career in Information Technology at Bank One (Now Chase) in Columbus, Ohio. I’m presently available for permanent, consulting or short term opportunities. Please use the Contact Me link on this page and we can talk about your project needs.

Areas of Expertise and Personal Traits

Experience working on project teams using various design methodologies.

Experience working on a project teams consisting of members with diverse backgrounds such as project managers, technical resources, business analysts and clients.

Experience working on projects that involve redesigning application processes.

Application design. Help the client determine what they really need vs. what they want.

Translating business requirements into technical requirements.

Experience supporting clients to resolve issues.

Ability to translate technical information into language that a business user or client can understand.

Ability to develop into the subject matter expert on the applications I’ve supported.

Create application documentation that is used for project design and training purposes.

Completed yearly Business Conduct and Ethics training while employed with both Aflac and TSYS.

Experience in the financial industry.

Conduct unit and UAT testing for applications.

Technical experience as a programmer on client-server, web based programming languages, mainframe languages and database applications.

Team Player


Shows Initiative

Analytical Thinker

Software Development Experience

ASP.NET Webforms – Create .aspx web pages that access SQL Server databases. Manipulate SQL Server databases/tables using stored procedures. Display information in either form fields or GridView.

.NET Windows Forms – Create MS Windows form applications that access SQL Server databases. Manipulate SQL Server databases/tables using stored procedures. Display information in either form fields or DataGridView.

.NET Console Applications – LINQ to read XML files. Applications to consume a web service using a WSDL file with a SOAP call.

ASP.NET MVC – Create views, controllers and models. Use Razor view engine. Entity Framework and scaffolding to create a controller to generate CRUD views that access a SQL server database.

SQL Server 2016 – Create and maintain databases, tables and stored procedures. Code TSQL statements.

JavaScript – Get date information, form validation, calculations, return values to a webpage using HTML DOM document.getElementById method, JQuery and Bootstrap.

JSON – Load the content of a JSON file to a HTML page using JavaScript and JQuery.

JQuery – JQuery API

BootStrap – Responsive web page design, Navbars, buttons, dropdowns

PHP – Read and write data to MySQL database tables from a web page, Generate emails, Read form data using HTTP request POST method.

AngularJS – Forms, HTML element manipulation, button click events.

Platforms: .NET Framework | Microsoft Windows | IIS | Linux | Microsoft SQL Server | z/OS

Programming Languages: C#.NET(ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Web Forms, Windows Forms, ASP MVC, LINQ) | PHP

Web Design: Create both static and dynamic web pages | Responsive web page design | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | PHP | Bootstrap 4 | CSS Media Queries | Web Services | JQuery | AngularJS | JSON | WordPress

Web Design Tools: Visual Studio 2017 | Eclipse Neon IDE | NetBeans IDE | cPanel | SiteBuilder | WordPress

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server | MySQL | DB2

Database Tools: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio | phpMyAdmin


Mainframe Development: COBOL II | TSO/ISPF Utilities | Syncsort | Endevor

Project Management: Serena Business Manager (SBM)

Other: XML | ODBC | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Acrobat | Microsoft Office Suite