I like working on a per-project basis. We can negotiate a price based on how complex your web page would be that would fit your budget. For example if you want an interactive web page that might access a database that would be more expensive than a static web page.

To setup a new page you will need someone to host your web page. I’ve worked with which is a small internet hosting company owned by a good friend of mine. The cost is is very reasonable. If you want a personalized URL for you web page this usually costs around $10 to setup. These costs are reoccurring and you can pay either monthly or yearly. Include in these hosting plans is a personalized email address. Of course I would need to reimbursed for my coding and setup work (a one time cost) which would be less than $100 for a simple static web page. If you needed support to maintain your web page we can negotiate that cost as well.